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Long before the Era of Champions, the land of Bhalzinger was a treacherous paradise. Bhalzinger’s beautiful landscape, vibrant, lushness fields and its adoring, nurturing climate masquerade the deep-rooted taint that drowns its earth. Priestess of Allura, The Goddess of Nature’s Nurture, would sheepishly confess that Allura’s gentle kiss could not cleanse the stains from Bhalzinger’s blood-soiled grounds.

War had sprouted between the five Kingdoms of Bhalzinger:

Finally, to the northeast, high along the Vouri Mountain Range, inhabits the Lands of Wolfelk, a covenant of tribal barbarians ruled as one.

Those other kingdoms smart enough to know the wiser, tried their best to remain uninvolved. Unfortunately, war is like a fish net dragging along the bottom of the seas, reeling in those whom do not want to be included. Battle after battle ravished the country side. With each battle the death toll grew to massive sums. The war brought nothing more then treachery, devastation, poverty, and famine. Soon the war became known as the Desolate Wars. More and more battles grew into stalemates, with no apparent gain. The Z’ Ger of each kingdom soon realized that this war would be won not only in the red stained fields but behind the curtains of thrones.

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