Merchant Guild

A higher social status could be achieved through membership to Merchant guilds.A Merchant Guild was an association of different traders. The Merchant Guild was able to negotiate with the lord so that the trade levy would be regulated…called the Merchant Charter. The Guild charter allowed the merchants to pay an annual payment, or fixed sum, to the lord who owned the land where the town was based. The guild works by the following rules:

1. A ban on, or fines imposed, on any illicit trading by non Merchant Guild members

2. Fines were imposed on any Merchant Guild members who violated the Merchant Guilds charter

3. Members of the Merchant Guilds were protected and any Merchant Guild member who fell sick was cared for by the guild. Burials of guild members were arranged and the Merchant Guilds undertook to care for any orphans

4. The members of Merchant Guilds also provided protection of their horses, wagons, and goods when moving about the land

Merchant Guild

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