Emekail Ylfing-Kantanabe

A lanky, youthful figure with a black goatee and distracted brown eyes, Emekail strikes those who watch him as intense, thoughtful, and focused.


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Emekail Ylfing-Kantanabe, level 1
Human, Wizard
Build: Illusionist Wizard
Arcane Implement Mastery: Staff of Defense
Background: Birth – Omen (+2 to Arcana)

Str 8, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 19, Wis 14, Cha 10.

Str 8, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 15 Fort: 13 Reflex: 15 Will: 15
HP: 24 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 6

Nature +7, Dungeoneering +7, Arcana +11, Religion +9, History +9, Insight +7

Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Endurance +2, Heal +2, Intimidate, Perception +2, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery, Athletics -1

Wizard: Ritual Caster
Human: Spirit Talker
Level 1: Implement Expertise (staff)

Bonus At-Will Power: Chilling Cloud

Wizard at-will 1: Storm Pillar
Wizard at-will 1: Phantom Bolt
Spirit Talker Feat: Spirit’s Fangs
Wizard encounter 1: Grasping Shadows
Wizard daily 1: Sleep
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Summon Fire Warrior

Backpack (containing Sunrods (2), Rations, Trail (10), and Alchemical Reagents (Arcana) (30))
Bedroll (strapped to bottom of pack)
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch (containing 26 gp and an orb of Alchemist’s Frost (level 1))
Baboon Totem (worn as a necklace)

Comprehend Language
Tenser’s Floating Disk
Unseen Servant


Character Profile: Emekail Kantanabe, Illusionist

Name: Emekail Kantanabe

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Emekail has a healthy bronze coloring, the result of his heritage (both human and infernal) and his time spent in the mountains above his village.

A lanky, youthful figure with a black goatee and distracted brown eyes, Emekail strikes those who watch him as relaxed, thoughtful, and slightly inattentive. He’s fastidious in his appearance, keeping his beard and hair neatly trimmed, and his clothes as clean as he can, even when traveling. He’s not above using a minor piece of prestidigitation to conceal a particularly bad mudstain – or bloodstain, as sometimes happens. Observers may be surprised to notice flashes of light, or strange auras emanating from the young wizard, who is in the habit of playing with arcane energies as a form of relaxation.

Manner of Speaking
Emekail is courteous and deliberate in his speech, but is in the habit of switching to his native tongue in moments of stress. As his magical training was in that language, Emekail conducts all his spell casting and ritual work in his native tongue.

Emekail is fastidious to a fault, careful about both his appearance and that of Ek-Ress. It’s not that he won’t let himself get dirty; just that he’d rather have a bath afterwards. He has a tendency to become easily distracted, lost in thought about some ritual or magical concept.

Despite his proper upbringing, Emekail has a flair for the dramatic, and uses his cantrips to entertain, delight, and baffle his friends. One of his chief hobbies is using prestidigitation to create light sculptures and images of people.

Emekail is fond of people watching, and creating tiny, illusionary homonculi of the people he observes. He’s been caught more than once in the act, and his subject’s reactions have not always been positive, but he enjoys it too much to stop. It’s such a matter of habit now that he’s not always quite aware he’s doing it.

Emekail is driven by the need to return to his homeland and avenge the death of his family; at the same time, he feels the need to protect at all costs the people he’s come to love; particularly Ek-Ress. He’s aware that his interest in summons and illusions stems in part from a desire to keep his loved ones out of harm’s way; if he can put spirits at risk – or even better, illusions -he can keep his new family alive. He’s not entirely sure such a focus is healthy, and he worries that he’s becoming overprotective.

Courteous and respectful, distracted, deeply committed to protecting the people he loves. He’s not above others as puppets, if it will protect his people. He has a habit of creating illusory sculptures with his prestidigitation, and there are a few pieces he can do with almost no thought: Ek-Ress is one; his mother is another.

Emekail is an avid reader, and when not crafting light art, he’s either reading a book or writing in his journal.

Ek-Ress inspires and moves him, as do objects of great beauty. He’s fascinated with magical pieces of art, particularly illusions, and has a deep interest in summonings, conjurations, and rituals.

Birthdate: Twenty five years ago, on the third day of spring.

Birthplace: His family’s ancestral compound, now destroyed.

Age: 25

Dominant Feature:
Black goatee and mane of hair. Motes of light dancing around his hands when he’s distracted (caused by his unconscious use of prestidigitation. He’s essentially always taking a minor action).

Itinerant wizard and sage. A student of nature, the arcane, religion, art, and good conversation.

Financial Status:
Currently dirt poor, but it wasn’t always so. Emekail is a son of wealth, but he lost it all when his family compound was destroyed and he was forced to flee for his life. His time with Ek-Ress has made him appreciate the simple things in life, and although he misses the access he had to the family library, he’s learned to do without the other trappings of wealth.

Married to Ek-Ress Spiritdottor-Kantanabe, Goliath of the Ylfling Clan of the Great Forest.

Emekail is a hunted man in his homeland, although surely a few remain who would help the last son of the Kantanabe.

Emekail is a wizard, particularly skilled in psychic and illusionary magic. He also has a keen interest in art, history and religion. Despite his time spent alone, he has a gifted tongue, which he’s long used to talk himself out of trouble.

Special Abilities
Control over the mystical energies of the universe.

More than anything, Emekail fears losing Ek-Ress, and his new family. He’s also not fond of boats.

Emekail has recurring dreams of his mother, impaled on a burning beam. Her eyes bore into him, as if she’s willing him to take vengeance. When he awakes, he remembers her injunction that he live and thrive, but he can’t shake the feeling that she won’t be at rest until Clan Kantanabe is avenged.

Emekail Ylfing-Kantanabe

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