Character Profile:Shar-aie Changeling Rogue Level 1

Author: Goldy

PC in: The Land of Bhalzinger

Race: Changeling


Game System: D&D4E

Description: Shar-aie Level 1 Changeling Rogue

FINAL ABILITY SCORES: Str:14 Con:15 Dex:17 Int:10 Wis:8 Cha:15

AC:15 Fort:12 Ref:15 Will:13 HP:27 Surges:8 Surge value:6

Trained Skills: Intimidate:+7 Athletics:+7 Bluff:+9 Acrobatics:+8 Stealth:+8 Thievery:+10

Untrained Skills: *Arcana:+0 Diplomacy:+2 Endurance:+2 Heal:-1 History:+0 Insight:+1 Nature:-1 Perception:-1 Religion:+0 Streetwise:+2

Feats Level 1:* Backstabber

Powers: At Will: Clever Strike, Riposte Strike, Changeling Disguise Encounter: Changeling Trick, Torturous Strike Daily:Trick Strike

Items: Leather Armor, Adventurers Kit, Dagger(5), Short Sword(2), Shuriken(40), Sling(175 bullets), Thieves tools, Traveling papers(3), Climbers kit, Flute, Glass Cutter


Bio:Born to Sahara and Hars Raza, Shar-aie had only one other sibling, her brother Samiel. Of the house of Raza, Shar-aie’s ancestors were formed from the original union of humans and doppelgangers. Born in a land where her changeling kind were hated, her ancestors were forced to adapt. Her grandfather took human form in the land of Cammur. He called himself Samiel Tora, and joined the military. Over the years, he rose in rank. After saving the King’s life, he was given a noble title, and became a duke in the Kingdom of Cammur. His loyalty to his king was so great, that he soon became part of the King’s inner circle.

At the age of 40, Samiel married a simple village girl, and with her sired a daughter…Sahara. Soon after the difficult birth, Samiel’s wife died. Left to care for his daughter alone, Samiel feared someone would realize what she was, and often kept her hidden in their castle. Surrounded by loyal servants who loved and trusted him, he thought he could keep their secret hidden. Unable to send her to schools, Samiel hired the finest tutors for her education. By the time Sahara turned 18, she had full control of her changeling abilities. Aware of the shame, and distrust her family would face, she shared her father’s secretive nature. Unfortunately her beauty was such, that she was unable to stay away from potential suitors for long. Many families had asked for her hand in marriage, and all were refused. Duke Jerod wished to find a simple man, who could accept his daughter and the family curse, without fear of reprisal.

One day news arrived of a giant boar that had been terrorizing a nearby village. A great hunter in his youth, the King could not resist the challenge of the hunt. He convinced his friend Samiel to join him, and with a score of soldiers they left to kill the boar. The two friends managed to kill the boar, but failed to realize it had a mate. The second boar attacked the king, and with his massive tusks, struck the king’s thigh. Samiel managed to shield the king from a second attack, and the boar was able to pierce his lungs. Within moments the other soldiers attacked the boar and killed it swiftly. Bleeding profusely, Samiel and the King were rushed back to Cammur. The King’s wounds were great, but not fatal. Samiel was not as lucky. The Duke of Cammur died before arriving back into the city. Leaving Sahara an orphan, the King felt it his duty to look after his friends only child. Sahara was moved to the palace. It was here she met Prince Hars.

A tall man with broad shoulders, Hars was a warrior born. Given the finest education, and the best battle instructors, Hars was raised from birth to be a great King. At the first sight of Sahara, Hars was mesmerized by her beauty. Their tentative friendship soon blossomed into a powerful love. The king approved of their romance, and urged Hars to marry Sahara. With his father’s blessing, he approached Sahara and asked her to marry him. When she refused, be was stunned. Hars pleaded with her to explain why. Finally she relented and then showed him what she truly looked like. Expecting him to be repulsed by her true form, Sahara was shocked when he pulled her close and once again asked her to marry him. With tears in her eyes, she agreed. When they approached the King with her true heritage, Hars was shocked with his reaction. Forgetting the years of loyalty Sahara’s family had shown the house of Raza, the King refused to accept their union. He declared Sahara a traitor and stripped her family of its wealth and title. Refusing to leave his love alone, Hars relinquished his title and together the two lovers left Cammur in the dead of night.

The two lovers married and fled the Kingdom of Cammur. After months of travel, they arrived in at the village of Shanti. Awestruck at its beauty, the happy couple decided to stay. With their grand education, they were able to help improve the life of the simple villagers. Soon the couple was accepted by the villagers and became a close part of the community. Three years after their arrival, Sahara gave birth to twins…a boy and a girl. They called them Shar-aie after Har’s mother, and Samiel after Sahara’s father. Hars then found the old pack, with which he had left his homeland, and pulled out two medallions. Black, red, and gold, they had an R embossed on them. The royal symbol of Cammur, it was all that he had left of his homeland. With tears in his eyes, he gave each of his children one.

Description: Shar-aie currently looks like a young human female (around 22). She is 5’10”, 130 pounds. More than just beautiful, she is stunning to look at. She has long brown hair, and mesmerizing hazel eyes. Always seen in black: She wears a tight black sleeveless top, and black trousers. Her clothes accentuate her curves, and she openly displays her ample cleavage. Around her neck, she wears a black, red, and gold medallion embossed with an R. She has two short swords belted around her waist.

Mannerisms: Shar-aie is very friendly and witty, and is quick to banter with those around her. She loves to talk, and lives life to the fullest everyday. With her charismatic smile, and stunning beauty, she is never short of friends. Both male and female.

Manner of Speaking: She is very adaptive and understanding of her surroundings. Amongst people of quality, her tone and mannerisms have the apparent mark of nobility (only her clothes would distinguish her from those of true noble birth). Amongst the less fortunate of Bhalzinger, she also fits in (her knowledge and proficient use of numerous curse words, have endeared her to many a ruffian).

Personality: Her jovial manner, belies her true nature. Deep within her, lies a madness that is barely held in check. Daily practice of her martial skills, helps to keep the madness at bay. However, sometimes the madness does take over. She never remembers what happens when she loses control, but she always wakes, covered in blood that is not hers.

Birth date:Unknown

Birth Place:Unknown

Dominant Feature: No one aspect of her person can be named, as she is easily the greatest of beauties in the land of Bhalzinger. She is often seen staring longingly at the medallion around her neck. Many have tried to speak to her about, but to no avail.

Reputation: Shar-aie is known for her skills as a thief, and more then adequate swordmate, for when times become dangerous.

Companions and Allies: She doesn’t have any companions, cause she is afraid what would happen to them, should the madness ever take over. But she craves the comforts of being around people, and is often seen for short times amongst many different bands of adventurers.


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