Talvin Klien

More Menacing than your average warforge, Talvin Klein was purposefully created to dwarf any previous forge. Ironically his 'soul' was a unique construct designed to belittle his stature.



Talvin Klien, level 1 Warforged, Fighter Build: Battlerager Fighter Fighter Talents: Battlerager Vigor

FINAL ABILITY SCORES: Str 18, Con 18, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES: Str 16, Con 16, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12. AC: 18 Fort: 16 Reflex: 13 Will: 12 HP: 38 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 9

TRAINED SKILLS: Streetwise +6, Intimidate +8, Athletics +6

UNTRAINED SKILLS: Acrobatics -2, Arcana, Bluff +1, Diplomacy +1, Dungeoneering -1, Endurance +3, Heal -1, History, Insight -1, Nature -1, Perception -1, Religion, Stealth -2, Thievery -2

FEATS: Level 1: Toughness

POWERS: Fighter at-will 1: Cleave Fighter at-will 1: Crushing Surge Fighter encounter 1: Steel Serpent Strike Fighter daily 1: Flanking Assault

ITEMS: Adventurer’s Kit, Throwing hammer (5), Shortbow, Arrows (210), Chainmail, Heavy Shield, Battleaxe


A warrior of legend, a curious adventurer, ultimately …...a lost soul.

History: After the fall of Nerath in their last war, a pact was created that established the possibility of freedom for all warforges. It was in the land of Talvins nativity that all warforges were bred to battle, created by arcanist and conscripted by the king of the land as soldiers, they had little of the weaknesses of their mortal counterparts, instead they possessed certain innate strengths and compulsions that surpassed their mortal colleagues at arms. It was towards the end of the war that skilled arcanist Archemedes Fahrvergnügen sought to imbue his fellow arcanist and the population of the land with what he deemed as his greatest construct.

Having been a master arcanist, he thought to build Talvin as both a companion and protector, a being that would have a great soul, by endowing pieces of his own consciousness into Talvins creation. Talvin would however be a few stone heavier and taller than the previous forges, menacing in stature but ironically pitted against a very amiable personality. His plate body would be endowed with a special Ghulra that glows green when intense emotion overcame Talvin. Little did Archemedes know that he would not witness his greatest canvas come to fruition.

The Great War having ended had seen the kingdom torn into factions and chaos erupted in the palace of King Elidyr. Master Artificer of Talvins creation Archemedes Fahrvergnügen had been under great pressure to leave the Society of Imperial artificers by a group of defiant money hungry artificers to build Forges of absolute enslavement. Having been a loyal servant of Elidyr and his father before him King Eothyr III, Archemedes would have no part in building any more “War”forges having thought of their purpose as being akin to slavery.

Fearing that Archemedes would speak of their plans, the nefarious Artificer splinter group had him abducted and the kingdom feared him dead. Earlier that day Archemedes had planned to reveal Talvin to the remnants of the court, pleading a case for the building of forges for different intents and purposes, and for their equal treatment. Discovered by accident a few days later, Talvin was a creation to behold, a warforge unlike any other in sheer girth and stature. Upon discovery he possessed the innocence of a child having been forged a few days earlier and never properly imprinted. The prospects for this new warforge in battle seemed limitless. He was immediately put through intense military training and he was stationed as an officer into what remained of Neraths army.

Skirmishes were commonplace in this new Nerath, the land had become divided and Talvin was a proud conscript in its miniscule army. Having embraced his duty in battle, he knew nothing else and was a proud ward of the nation. Never having experienced any idle time, he spent all his young forge days in battle, or training new forges for battle. Eventually the imperial court fell into shambles and Continual disbanding of the army finally led to Talvins release. He was now reborn into a world completely foreign to him, as an Independent being .

Talvin was left to his own means and devices, he had grown accustomed to the military mentality. This new found freedom gave way emotions that had previously lay dormant for the earlier part of his life, Archemedes consciousness began to take hold. He often thinks of his creator and swears an allegiance to avenge the downtrodden and seek justice for the weak in his stead. He would seek out and smite the would be killers of his creator, or any arcanist or forge that sought to make servants out of his kin and . Having only a military background he became apart of a local militia group in the town of Sheldon. It is here that he is learning of the fragility that belies mortality of other races, how ephemeral they actually are. Having no real companions of his own, and being part of a ragtag militia, he spent his spare time honing a newly found compulsion of creativity. He would become an apprentice of the local craftsman, steel smiths everyone he thought of as an artisan, offering his assistance in payment for a newly acquired skill. His first employ was that of a textile and fabric importer, having been in battle and drawn blood so often, he sought to learn of the softer aspects of human nature.

The town militia he came to join was something of a disheveled group of local towns folk, and a few battle hardened humans. As a new inhabitant to this town, Talvin is often treated as a lifeless being, whose purpose was that of destruction. His thoughts remain his own, and he often questioned the intention of the local militia and its leadership under Graven. Having been a ward of a great nation his intents were for a higher good, a greater cause, and now he had become a compatriot in domestic squabbles and petty theft. He keeps to his own, as this town provided a great source of inspiration for Talvin, he would learn of the human experience, something his creator would have wanted for him.

Name: Talvin Klien

Gender: Male by imprint

Race: Warforged

Appearance: Often cloaked in a green garb, Talvin Klien exterior is built with a myriad of Plate and Stone. His body is of a humanoid form. Adorning is forehead as with all Warforges is an unique Ghulra rumored to glow green in times of extreme emotion.

Speech and Mannerisms: Though soft spoken, and monosyllabic in speech he tries hard to be a accepted member of his peers. He is quick to offer his opinion on any subject, and never reacts harshly when some of his ideas are ridiculed. A truely noble creature, his wrath can be fierce, when he sees the strong preying on the weak.

Purpose: He aligns himself to helping the weak and scorned. He seeks to define a path for the warforge race. Always keeps afoot and tracks the whereabouts of his creator and any errant Archanist seeking to build Forges for enslavement. Having been created to serve, Talvin has difficulty with the disorganization and lack its of a prime directive in his service in the militia. Often his ideas and opinions have been ignored, because he is considered insignificant by those in command. He believes to truly be an individual, his thoughts and opinions should matter. He fears that day may never actually come. Its only the love the villiagers have for him, and he for them, that prevents him from leaving the ever confusing commands of his superiors in the militia. His thoughts and ideas often come into conflict with those that lead the militia, and this leads to his ever growing frustration.

Personality: Named “The Gentle Giant” by the kids in the village, Talvin is much liked by the majority of the villagers. Despite this, Talvin still feels very much alone. As his Frustration with his superiors grows, Talvin relishes his free time spent in the house of fabrics. In his quest for Reinvention, he is a surprisingly quick study, learning in days what takes normal individuals years to perfect. His latest hobby of all things has become dress making. The concept of beauty and art now begin to take hold in his mind.

Birth date: unknown

Birthplace: Kingdom of Nerath

Dominant Feature: His sheer size, and glowing Ghulra atop his forehead

Financial Status: does not seek any material wealth, he exchanges his patronage to experience life.

Reputation: Talvin was known in his land of Nerath as a well adept fighter. Fearless in battle he thirsts for the front line.

Skills: Adept close combat fighter

Special Abilities: Fearless in battle, strives to be at the head of any conflict.

Fears: Talvin fears the ever growing shadow of immortality. What becomes of him as his compatriots meet their eventual fate.

Dreams: Talvin contemplates his own mortality, what lies beyond. He hopes to somehow gain equality for all surviving Forges

Talvin Klien

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