the Land of Bhalzinger...

Lady Fate is queer.

The gods play a dangerous game with the lives of mortals! In the thorp of Sheldon, fate has a different plan…

After years of running with his lover and companion Ek-Ress Spiritdottor of Clan Ylfing from their murdered past, Emekail, the last son of Clan Katanabe has finally had his past catch up with him. With two Quattro Deathsquad hot on their heels their fate was sealed! But Lady Fate is queer.

Shar-aie is ever calculative. With very cool and deliberate step, the changeling rogue stalks her next coin purse. Her movements are made with such dexterity, with such grace, that even the most cautious of traveler finds himself without a single copper piece to quench his thirst. But on this very day, an uncommon and uncharacteristic error on her part would have her head! But Lady Fate is queer.

Raveis Calen’cu had never left his home in the Calgrove Forest. Being a clan of skill hunters and trackers, the Calen’cu Clan had become self-reliant. Seldom have they traveled outside of their home to trade with the outside world. After a score of seclusion, the Calen’cu Clan sent their youngest and most inexperience elf – Raveis. Traveling to the nearest thorp, lied a world filled with dangers unlike any he has ever known. The outside world would devour him immediately! But Lady Fate is queer.

The Invigorating Light of the Luminous One is a prestige order of Pelorian priests devoted to the betterment of all good being. The newest alcolyte of the order, Salohcin Zerep, had recently been assigned to spread the good word of Pelor in the most of unlikely places – the thorp of Sheldon. A well-established trading outpost, the thorp of Sheldon is haven for common thieves, murderers, and highwaymen. The villagers of Sheldon are by and by good natured but are very quick to draw blood. Too often has blood been spilled on the cobblestones of Sheldon. Brawl after brawl, Salohcin, a pacifist, never interfered or got involved. Yet not on that very day! But Lady Fate is queer.

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