Lands of Wolfelk

The land north of Bhalzinger had always been the breeding ground of the caribou. The caribou would migrate due east from the plains and flatland of the Heartland, toward the more favorable climate of GerZinios. Each winter when the cold would freeze the Great Lakes, Casper and Pollux, the caribou would instinctually trek across the plane of Bhalzinger, as it has done for decades. The Tribe of the Caribou relied heavily on the caribou for survival and with each coming winter, the tribe would shadow the caribou throughout its journey. Taking only what the tribe required, there was never a danger to the caribou.

Yet as fate has it, each passing winter became more and more aggressive. The rivers and lakes would remain frozen far longer then previous years. Soon the Tribe of the Bear, who relied solely on the trout and bass from the largest river, the Vein of Bhalzinger, couldn’t fish enough to feed the tribe. Thus, the Tribe of the Bear began pursuing a more abundant food source, the caribou. The Tribe of the Bear having never hunted the caribou before, began killing more then what was necessary. Fighting soon broke out between both tribes.

Being called upon by its cousin tribe, The Tribe of the Elk came to the aid of The Tribe of the Caribou. The Tribe of the Bear was overwhelmed to the brim of extinction. The ever opportunistic Tribe of the Wolf, along with it fellow tribal cousins the Tribe of the Fox attacked a battle weaken Tribe of the Caribou. It didn’t take long before full scale tribal war broke loose.

Chaos reign amongst the tribe, decimating thousands of tribesmen, until one unlikely heroine step forward. Dharuk, a young, beautiful, and wild adolescent with the brightest reddish brown hair, made the most selfless sacrifice. She was revered as the most beautiful tribeswomen and lust by all tribesmen. Taming her would elevate any tribesmen, for they would possess the most valuable trophy. Dharuk offered herself to the leader of the Wolf in order to stop the genocide, she was at the mercy and the will of Lykos the Atrocious, Fang of the Wolf — her father.

It is unknown why Dharuk made such a sacrifice. Yet the legend tells of a star-crossed love between Dharuk and the leader of the Tribe of the Elk, White Stag.

Lands of Wolfelk

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