The Goddess of Nature’s Nurture

The nurturing breath of Ot Elbor created a rift in the dark clouds of the void. There within the crevice lay Allura. Her soft beautiful features plainly visible even among the mud and the muck. Her golden eyes shut tight, her blossoming lips clench.

Ot Elbor spat in his right hand. With his left, he held Allura by the back of her head. Ot Elbor with his right hand, began to cleanse off her face from the mud and the muck. Allura opened her fair golden eyes, gasping for her first breath Allura frantically began to cry.

Her tears rained down upon the rift washing away the filth. Ot Elbor spoke, “With thy tears all that I hath created is vigorous and alive. You must mother thy children.” From the rift, all life was created; from Allura’s tear, nature’s nurture was born.


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