• Ek-Ress Spiritdottor Ylfing-Kantanabe

    Ek-Ress Spiritdottor Ylfing-Kantanabe

    Tall, slender, quick to laugh and quick to anger, Ek-Ress looks both full of life and quick to take it.
  • Emekail Ylfing-Kantanabe

    Emekail Ylfing-Kantanabe

    A lanky, youthful figure with a black goatee and distracted brown eyes, Emekail strikes those who watch him as intense, thoughtful, and focused.
  • Jace Arkham

    Jace Arkham

    Jace is a young wizard and the son of Aldebron which are under the order of Eldore and taught by Malorite.
  • Salohcin Zerep

    Salohcin Zerep

    A cleric of pelor from a wealthy family
  • Talvin Klien

    Talvin Klien

    More Menacing than your average warforge, Talvin Klein was purposefully created to dwarf any previous forge. Ironically his 'soul' was a unique construct designed to belittle his stature.